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Don’t leave money on the table!

Planning on disposing of an investment property or a valuable piece of land?

Your transaction deserves a trusted advisor and advocate who has negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in Commercial Real Estate transactions in the RVA marketplace.

For over 35 years I have handled high profile, complex real estate transactions in RVA and created successful outcomes for my clients. I've come to recognize my strengths—and they are managing the front and back ends of transactions (positioning, pricing and negotiations), where real value is added.

We assist clients in selecting the right broker(s) for their specific assignment. We quarterback the transaction assuring transparency with measurable accountability.  And we know who the most qualified RE brokers are for your project. We work with them every day and interview them for assignments regularly.

These days most Commercial Real Estate companies are also developers or have investment divisions who are in direct competition with their clients! This combined with their competing listings and loyalties presents potential conflicts of interest. Experienced brokers are very good at marketing properties and soliciting offers. However because they are focused on volume, don’t have the time or complete skill sets to create or add value to transactions. They think tactically, not strategically.

Our unique skills set, unmatched credentials and proven track record, allows us to ask the hard questions, anticipate issues and help you see around corners —from listing to close.

We are transparent, conflict free advocates who know the importance of confidentiality.

And the really good news is there is rarely additional cost to you. Having us in the transaction saves time, adds value and helps you realize thousands or potentially hundreds of thousands more, depending on the assignment.

Recent examples include a 110 acre, 2.6 million sq.ft.facilty on Commerce Rd I-95, a 28,000 sq. ft. Office/Flex building in Villa Park Business Center and a 13 acre site located in the Downtown /Manchester district. Two of the three resulted in competitive bidding, and all achieved significantly higher than anticipated pricing.

Lead Broker/Advisor for 2 of Greater Richmond Area Commercial Real Estate (GRACRE) transactions of the year 2016, and Industrial Sale of the year 2017. Office, industrial, retail properties and land. It costs you nothing but could save or make you hundreds of thousands!

Relax! From concept to close, we've got you covered! money.3