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Frequently Asked questions about
Tenant Representation

What is it?

Tenant/Corporate user representation is the practice of having an advocate working on your behalf advising, navigating and negotiating you through the process of securing commercial space. We represent only your interest and never represent the Landlord/Developer.

Why it matters.

Your cost of occupying space is likely your second largest expense after payroll. Using our market knowledge, experience and expertise we create a leveraged competitive environment, which results in better outcomes than RE professionals who don’t specialize. Your time is valuable. We take you through the process seamlessly, effectively becoming your corporate real estate department whether locally or across multiple markets.

Traditional Commercial RE firms typically derive 60-70% of their revenue from project leasing and management of buildings for Landlords and Developers. The opportunities for client conflicts are numerous and many times not transparent. We don’t represent Landlords/Developers or manage any buildings and therefore have no conflicts. We work only on your behalf.

How are we compensated?

Your rental rate/purchase price includes a real estate fee, which will either be retained by the Landlord or paid to a broker. Wouldn’t it make sense to have that paid to someone representing your interest? With few very rare exceptions, the Landlord pays the fee and it costs you nothing.In fact you will save money in the process. All of our fees are clearly stated and transparent.

Questions to ask other Commercial RE brokers who claim to be “Tenant Reps”

  1. Do you specialize only in representing users of commercial space?
  2. Do you handle leasing for any Landlords or developers and if so, what percentage of your time is allocated to that activity?
  3. Is there ever any circumstance while representing us, we might be presented a property listed, managed or owned by your firm?

The 7 Hills Advantage!

We have collectively completed in excess of 1000 Commercial RE Transactions and our partners average over 20 years CRE experience. In our collective experience, we have leased, managed, asset managed and supervised construction for Landlords and Institutional Developers. We understand their motivations, thresholds and speak their language. You won’t find another team with these credentials or depth of knowledge.

Are you a full service firm?

Absolutely not, and we like it that way. We are specialists, however with our unmatched experience in multiple disciplines we are glad to point you to the right folks for your particular assignment. We help hire brokers for clients regularly, and obviously know the right questions to ask. We can help you see through the fog.

Unconditional Guarantee.

We are so confident, if you don’t feel we provided you value added exceptional service, we will adjust/waive our fee. That has never happened! We are a locally owned, nimble and extremely customer and community oriented company. Whether it is 1000 or 100,000 square feet, we’ve got you covered.